Çiçek Abbas
1982 / 87m - Turkey
Romance, Drama
Abbas in Flower poster


October 16, 2022


The discovery of Turkish cinema is a rite of passage for every blossoming cinephile. There's a very avid fanbase that advertises these films like crazy, then there's the rest of the world that seems to hate them. Abbas in Flower isn't the most notorious of the bunch, but it sure isn't anything close to acceptable.

Abbas is a nice guy who works on a minibus. Sakir is the owner of the bus and a really selfish guy. He has a relationship with a young girl, who he strings along. She finally understands that Sakir won't ever marry her, so she redirects her attention to Abbas, who welcomes the romance into his life.

The performances are absolutely dire, the little comedy that is there is negligible, the romance felt flat and the film looks atrocious. There aren't many redeemable elements, except that the film is quite short and decently paced. That's hardly a positive when all the rest is horrible, but it's something.