2019 / 97m - USA
Adventure - Animation
Abominable poster


December 21, 2021


An odd little collaboration between DreamWorks (USA) and Pearl (China), that feels like it doesn't really belong anywhere specific. The setting is decidedly Chinese, but the characters feel extremely American, so does the comedy. The result is a somewhat confused and often rushed film that never appears sure what it really wants to be.

Yi misses her father and fails to connect with her mom and grandma. When she finds an escaped Yeti on her roof, it doesn't take her long to decide she will join him in finding his home. Together with her two nephews she begins a perilous journey, as a rare animal collector is hoping to capture the Yeti and add him to his collection.

The characters are pretty irritating, the dub is poor and the classic CG art style is not all that attractive. The plot is also completely nonsensical, the fantastical elements in particular are only there to quickly get out of dire situations it seems. There are some interesting moments and the Yeti is pretty cute, but he can't save the film all by himself. Forgettable.