2002 / 101m - UK
Comedy, Romance
About a Boy poster


October 05, 2020


Another typical Hugh Grant romcom. It's a bit surprising this film came from the guys who directed American Pie. Then again, if you take a closer look at their oeuvres you'll see there isn't much consistency there. The Weitz brothers are typical guns for hire, that's also 100% what About a Boy feels like.

Grant once again plays a manchild with exceptional charm. This time he even has an entire philosophy ready, explaining why he's willfully going through life without any attachments (and worries). All goes well until he meets Marcus, a young kid who's having a rough time at home and in school.

The film has a couple of funny moments and there's chemistry between Hoult and Grant, but it all feels very by the numbers. Collette and Weisz fail to make an impression, the plot is pretty cheesy and there's just a little too much drama for a comfortable comedy. Not terrible, but far from great.