1997 / 121m - USA
Action, Crime
Absolute Power poster


May 27, 2022


Eastwood putting himself in the spotlight again. The result is a bland 90s thriller with a bunch of old men chasing each other. It's a bit hard to imagine a film like this actually did well back in the 90s (I was around, but not really that big of a film fan back then, certainly not interested in this type of nonsense).

Eastwood plays a master thief who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He witnesses a murder implicating the president of the USA. He hopes he can leave and come out scot-free, but a dedicated detective really digs into the case and picks up Eastwood's trail.

The performances are bland, none of the characters are very interesting, the cinematography and score is crap, and the runtime is way too long. It's just bad genre film making with a bigger Hollywood budget and cast. Not that I'm a big Eastwood fan to begin with, but this is one of his weaker films.