Dak Mo Mai Sing
2001 / 107m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
The Accidental Spy poster


July 19, 2021


A pretty standard Jackie Chan flick, which for some reason has escaped me all these years. I had some expectations going in, since Teddy Chan has proven himself a capable director in the past, but apart from the usual Chan antics there really isn't all that much here. Even a mediocre Chan flicks is still pretty decent though.

When Buck stops a robbery on a jeweler, a private detective sees in him the perfect sucker to solve a difficult case. He delves into Buck's past and convinces him he's the long-lost son of a Korean spy. Buck travels to South-Korea to seek out his father, and gets mixed up in a very dangerous international conflict.

It's nice to see Eric Tsang and Vivian Hsu next to Chan, but this is really just the big Jackie Chan show. Whatever happens in between the action scenes is quite dull and unexciting, but once Chan start hopping around, doing his typical acrobatics mixed with a little comedy, the film redeems itself. Simple but decent entertainment.