Zuijia Paidang Zhi Nuhuang Miling
1984 / 81m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
Aces Go Places III: Our Man from Bond Street poster


January 09, 2009


Hark takes on the popular Aces Go Places franchise and directs the third part. I can't say he did a very good job, certainly not after being pleasantly surprised by part 2 of the series. Our Man from Bond Street isn't that bad and fans of Hong Kong crime comedies will no doubt have a decent time, it's just that Hark could've done better with the material that was given to him.

Our master thief is back at it again, this time he's after a precious gem that's in the hands of Queen Elisabeth II. He is bested in his efforts and sees the gem being stolen by some crafty imposters. Together with the police he has to figure out who got to the gem before him, only then will he be able to make a proper move himself.

Part 3 is a pretty typical heist/thieving comedy, the kind that was very popular at the time. Hark usually fares well doing a mix of crime and comedy, and while there is some funny daftness on display, it's not quite as over-the-top or silly compared to the previous film. Decent filler, but nothing more.