2021 / 114m - USA
Aftermath poster


August 07, 2021


Films that advertise they are based on a true story rarely deliver. Aftermath is no exception. What could've been a solid thriller with half a foot in the horror genre, turns out to be a drawn out and predictable genre flick that flubs its finale and comes off as a slightly elevated TV production.

Natalie and Kevin are a young couple going through some marital problems. Hoping to reboot their life, they move into a new house. It doesn't take too long before strange things start happening. Doors open by themselves, objects are moved and Natalie hears strange noises. Kevin believes his wife is just making things up.

Performances are decent, but Winther fails to build up the tension and sticks to proven clich├ęs that need better execution to be effective. There's also way too much pointless drama and the finale simply isn't all that exciting. What remains is a passable thriller that has some decent moments, but isn't all that convincing when it really matters.