2022 / 102m - UK
Aftersun poster


July 08, 2023


A nice, proper drama, but an otherwise unremarkable film. I am a little surprised about the hype surrounding this one, on the other hand, it does benefit from the free A24 bonus and a hefty dose of 90s nostalgia. Regardless though, I guess few people will end up actively hating Aftersun, so it's a fair bet if you're looking for a dramatic breather.

Sophie's relationship with her father is troubled. She thinks back to a summer holiday she spent with him when she was 11. A typical 90s holiday on a small resort, playing pool, enjoying the hotel entertainment, and just hanging with her father. But even then, there were signs that not everything was as rosy as she remembers.

The performances are very strong and the soundtrack is effective (though the music itself can be somewhat cringeworthy). But the cinematography is rather bland, the nostalgia factor doesn't work for me (even when I've been on holidays like these) and the drama is by the numbers. Just decent.