1984 / 128m - USA
Thriller, Romance
Against All Odds poster


August 08, 2021


One of Hackford's earlier films. Can't say I'm a big fan of the man, but he's managed to direct some notable films in his career, which does account for something. Against All Odds is one of his lesser known films, and it's not that difficult to see why. It's all quite cheesy and predictable, not a film that sticks out.

Brogan is a football player at the end of his career. He needs money, and decides to take on a job offered by Jake, one of his shadier friends. Brogan is tasked to find Jake's girlfriend, whose father owns the club where Brogan is employed. When he finds her, the two hit it off and decide to leave Jake behind.

Performances are rather poor, the soundtrack is beyond cheesy, the plot far too pedestrian. It's a pretty run-of-the-mill and unambitious film that overstays its welcome, but at least the pacing is somewhat decent. Hard to recommend and easy to skip, unless you're a fan of 80s American B-thrillers.