Ah Long dik Goo Si
1989 / 95m - Hong Kong
All about Ah-Long poster


March 24, 2012


To's early attempts at drama are pretty lackluster, especially when combined with some more traditional Hong Kong genre work. All about Ah-Long might've been a commercial success purely based on the themes (racing was big back then) and the star power (Chow Yun-Fat was even bigger), but a quality film this wasn't.

Ah Long is a former race champ who became a contractor in order to take proper care of his son. When his ex returns from America a wealthy woman, she wants to have custody over their son. Neither Ah Long nor his boy is won by the idea, so Ah Long needs to find a way to get his life back on track. With the help of his son, he tries to revisit his former glory.

Chow may have been popular back then, but he wasn't really ready to take on more dramatic roles. To's signature is virtually unrecognizable, the plot and styling are pretty bland, and the ending is ill-fitting and well over the top. The pacing is fine though and the film isn't too long, but this is far from To's best work. For completists and hardcore 80s fans only.