Du Sheng
1990 / 101m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
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June 19, 2004


March 07, 2024


A film I watched rather early on in my exploration of Hong Kong cinema. Back then I hadn't seen too many God of Gamber-like films, which gave this film an extra edge. The jokes are even weirder when you don't know what they're referencing. Two decades later, it doesn't feel quite as fresh.

When Sing arrives in Hong Kong, he feels lost in the big city. His uncle is there to show him around, but he's a massive gambler and doesn't really care about Sing. It turns out his nephew is quite the lucky/smart fella though, and soon enough the two form a strong team. They even enter a gambling competition.

There's a fine mix of comedy and action here. The combo of Stephen Chow and Man-Tat Ng always equals wacky comedy nonsense, Corey Yuen on the other hand was one of the best action directors in Hong Kong. But as a parody, the film doesn't deviate enough from the original concept (which is bonkers already). Good fun, but not the exceptional film I thought it to be.