Zung Jau Ngoi Zoi Gaak Lei
2021 / 95m - Hong Kong
All U Need is Love poster


May 12, 2021


Trademark Hong Kong. To lift the spirits of its citizens, 10 prominent Hong Kong production companies banded together, put all their stars into a single film and tasked Vincent Kok with creating a light, fun and COVID-themed comedy. And knowing Kok, he's truly the perfect man for the job.

Various couples and friends end up in a hotel that is suddenly closed down for quarantine. They'll have to remain into the hotel for the next two weeks, even though everyone there has other plans. Old guys trying to cheat their wives, rivaling Triad bosses, a couple about to get married and the hotel boss trying to flee his sinking ship, they are all trying to make the best of these trying times.

The comedy is light but fun (if you appreciate the HK brand of comedy), the actors do a solid job and the film cycles through different genres (a little romance, some action, a touch of drama), though keeping things breezy at all times. This is pretty much a typical lunar comedy, only prepped for a different occasion. Amusing, but forgettable.