Im Westen nichts Neues
2022 / 148m - Germany
All Quiet on the Western Front poster


March 25, 2023


A well-made war flick, but I couldn't help but wonder what the reason was for making this. We already have so many WOI/WOII war flicks and this one didn't really add much to the ones that are already out there. The execution is a step up from most, I'll give Berger that, but it can't compete with the likes of Mendes' 1917.

Paul and his two best friends are still teens when they sign up to join the army. Their feelings of patriotism are strong and they hope to do well for their country, but when they are sent to the frontline their world is about to turn upside down. They quickly realize they've been lied to, but all they can do is fight to survive.

The cinematography is very polished and the war scenes look grim and dirty. But that's the baseline for these types of films nowadays. The performances are solid too, only the story has been done so many times before that I questioned the need for the 150-minute runtime. Certainly not a bad film, just a bit generic, though well-executed.