Wo Ai Ye Lai Xiang
1983 / 102m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Crime
All the Wrong Spies poster


November 14, 2020


Tsui Hark, Karl Maka, Teddy Robin Kwan, they all belonged to the same early 80s clique. Combining action, crime and comedy was their shtick, Teddy Robin Kwan's first film as a director offers exactly that. It's a comedy first and foremost though, so better prepare yourself for a shot of goofy Hong Kong slapstick.

Set during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, private detective Yoyo and inspector Teddy Robin join a resistance group that aims to infiltrate the Japanese forces. Their goal is to steal the formula for the atomic bomb before it gets into the hands of the Japanese emperor. Don't expect historic accuracy, this is purely played for laughs.

Performances are good (if you can stand the typical Hong Kong overacting that is), the comedy is silly but fun, the pacing is perfect and there's quite a bit of variation to keep things interesting. The direction is mostly functional and it never reaches the heights of a Stephen Chow comedy, but if you're in the mood for light entertainment it's a solid choice.