2018 / 96m - USA
Alpha poster


September 13, 2020


Albert Hughes' return to the big screen. Alpha is one of those primeval times films that seem to pop up from time to time. Oldskool adventure films that love to exploit the hardships and barren conditions people had to face back then. Hughes' attempt isn't half bad, but it's not quite perfect either.

The plot is simple, though that's perfectly fine for a film like this. A group of hunters leave their village to find meat before winter sets in. It's the first time the son of the leader joins in, but during a fateful buffalo hunt he falls off a cliff and is left for dead. The boy befriends a wolf and both try to find their way back to camp.

The film is incredibly post-production heavy, not too surprising when you've seen Hughes' Book of Eli. It makes for some beautiful shots, but just as often it looks rather fake and kitsch. It's a shame as it pulled me into the film just as much as it drove me out again. If you're looking for some fun and short adventure filler though, this is not a bad option.