2011 / 87m - USA
Comedy, Music - Animation
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked poster


July 08, 2020


The kind of film where I'm pretty certain they came up with the pun first and only then built an entire film around it. This film is called "chipwrecked", so the chipmunks end up on a deserted island. Why? Who knows? I guess they just needed something to fill another 90 minutes of film.

Part three in the series is so lazy they hardly bothered to conceal the fact it's just a cash cow for them. The plot is completely nonsensical and ill-fitting, but kids love a good bounty hunt, so that's what we're getting here. Throw in some terrible pop songs in true chipmunk style and that's basically it.

The comedy is painfully unfunny, the characters are rehashed once again (there's only 1 new addition, and she's terrible too) and the music is just insulting. I'm clearly not the target audience for this franchise, even then one can expect a basic level of quality. Wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be an experiment just to see how blunt they could be without turning away people from the franchise. As there's also a fourth part, I think we haven't hit rock bottom just yet.