Seung Joi Nei Jor Yau
2017 / 98m - Hong Kong
Horror, Thriller
Always Be with You poster


January 07, 2018


Herman Yau continues the Troublesome Night franchise under a different name. Not sure why they decided to switch up the branding, but you're getting three new short stories wrapped up in a slim and economic horror anthology. People familiar with the series will know what to expect, others get a nice entry point into one of Hong Kong longest standing horror franchises.

Three unrelated people get mixed up in a fatal traffic accident. A drunk taxi driver, a man on the brink of tying the knot and a depressed woman all end up dead. Their funerals reunite the surviving family members, but the ghosts of the deceased aren't quite ready to leave the mortal world behind. And so they return to haunt the living.

The quality is there, what lacks is the spark to turn this into something truly notable. Performances are decent, the cinematography is polished enough, the shorts are amusing, but the film never really goes beyond. That's pretty much what most of Yau's oeuvre is like though. He's a great filler director, but he lacks that extra bit of class to make his films stand out.