USA [1960] - 58m
Horror, Sci-fi
Directed by
Edgar G. Ulmer
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The Amazing Transparent Man poster


July 12, 2021


Not quite sure what the exact difference between "transparent" and "invisible" is, but it's no doubt a legal thing. I'm also not entirely sure what makes this transparent man amazing, that probably just a bit of advertising magic. I guess nobody is surprised to hear this is little more than a cheap knock-off.

Krenner, a former major, is forcing a scientist to develop a machine that can make people invisible. It's part of his big master plan to create an entire army of invisible soldiers, which he'll use to make him rich. While the scientists makes good on his promise, Krenner's plan isn't going all that well.

Like most of these films, there just way (way!) too much boring dialogue. The effects are crap and the story is extremely basic, so apparently all that's left are some mediocre actors who have to talk for most of the film's runtime. This one is only 1 hour long, but even then it fails to be interesting for 2-3 minutes at the most. Cheap.