2022 / 136m - USA
Action, Crime
Ambulance poster


April 01, 2023


Bay's latest didn't make many waves. Not too surprising maybe, as it's a pretty basic action flick, sporting some of Bay's usual touches, but not at their most extreme. What rests is pretty decent Hollywood action fare, which is fine while watching, but isn't the most memorable or recommendable.

When his insurance isn't coming through, Will has to find another way to pay for his wife's experimental surgery. He seeks out his brother, a professional criminal, and together they plan a heist. They get away with the money, but the police are right on their tail. To escape, they hijack an ambulance.

The camera work is dynamic, which helps the action scenes a lot, but that's a given with Bay. The scope of the film is rather small, yet it still ends up feeling pretty epic and grand. The thing is, this is just another heist flick with some cool action scenes and a couple of police chases. The execution is solid, but that's all there is.