2017 / 115m - USA
Crime, Comedy
American Made poster


June 21, 2021


American Made is a pretty basic but enjoyable crime comedy. The kind you feel Liman would make as filler between the bigger projects. Not sure if that's the case, as there's clearly a hefty budget behind this project, it's just that pretty much everything in the film feels like it was directly lifted from another film.

American Made tells the story of Barry Seal, a simple airline pilot who runs a little smuggling business on the side. He gets recruited by the CIA to perform some spy missions for his country. Seal accepts the job, but can't help himself when the Pablo Escobar's cartel approaches him to get into the drug business.

Tom Cruise does a decent job as Seal, turning him into a friendly loaf who gets caught up in a world that really isn't his. The tone of the film is quite light, Liman gives the film a proper amount of flair and there were enough plot twists that kept me from getting bored, just don't expect anything too special.