Also known as
Un Americano a Roma
Italy [1954] - 94m
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August 15, 2020


A film I found by accident on Prime. I didn't expect too much of it, classic Italian cinema isn't really my niche, but I hadn't really seen an older Italian comedy before and the film was held in high esteem by some, so I figured I could just as well give it a go. Isn't that what streaming is for?

An American in Rome reminded me a little of a Roberto Benigni film. The entire film revolves around Alberto Sordi, a loud and wildly gesticulating Italian bumpkin who loves everything that has to do with America. Sordi is so extremely present that there's no way to escape him, which is a problem if you end up disliking him as much as I did.

This just isn't my kind of comedy and Sordi really got on my nerves. He shouts a lot and is very busy, all the time, and that's about all there is to it. The situations are dumb and farcical, characters are annoying and the comedy is virtually nonexistent. It'll be awhile before I get close to a Sordi film again.