2014 / 90m - USA
Mystery, Horror
Amnesiac poster


December 19, 2021


Late 00 mystery/horror. Films back then loved to keep you guessing, even when the twist itself wasn't all that special. That's probably why Amnesiac received such bad grades, as the final third isn't half as upsetting as it hoped to be. That said, the film has other perks that make it worth a watch.

The life of a young family gets messed up when they are involved in a car crash. The man wakes up with his memory gone, his wife takes care of him. During his recovery he begins to remember a young girl, but there's no daughter to be seen. He starts to suspect his wife isn't telling him everything.

Amnesiac is a true slow burn, relying on stylish cinematography and a stone-cold performance of Bosworth to keep people engaged. It makes for a moody, tense and ultimately amusing film. The plot is basic and the twist a little underwhelming, but those aren't things that are high on my list of priorities anyway. Stylish fun.