1986 / 80m - Japan
Adventure, Fantasy - Animation
Amon Saga poster


April 26, 2022


There aren't too many famous character designers, certainly not when it comes to drawing a crowd. Takashi Koike is a good example, but Yoshitaka Amano is by far one of the absolute greatest. He has a unique style that is difficult to translate to animation, but that hasn't kept people from trying over the years. Amon Saga is another fun but somewhat limited attempt.

Don't expect too much of the plot. It's a very simple tale of a hero wanting to take revenge on the villain who murdered his mother. There's also a princess who needs saving, so the guy has his work cut out for him. The villain has surrounded him with some strong cronies, they have to be conquered first before we finally get to the expected showdown.

The animation quality is relatively low and there are only echoes of Amano's signature style here, but the mix of fantasy, action and a little horror is pretty entertaining. The finale does up the ante, and the short runtime and stark pacing make that it never gets boring. Not a classic in the genre, but perfectly fine filler.