2019 / 54m - USA
The Amusement Park poster


June 14, 2021


The Amusement Park is an old Romero film, once considered lost. The film was found again in 2017 and was fully restored, released for the first time in 2019. It's an odd little project about neglect and abuse of the elderly, with an absurd twist and some rather distressing images. Good fun, in other words.

An old man walks into a waiting room, before entering an amusing park. Another man is already there, battered and disillusioned. He warns the first man not to enter the park, but he doesn't heed the warnings and wants to experience the park himself. And so he enters a hellish nightmare.

Though this isn't a typical horror film, people with an affinity for misanthropy will have no trouble recognizing the terror on display. Noisy crowds, crude people, inhuman behavior, all with a healthy dash of absurdity. It's a fun concept, not perfectly realized, but amusing and pretty effective.