Anâkî in Japansuke: Mirarete Iku Onna
1999 / 68m - Japan
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March 13, 2022


Another pinku film not really worthy of its genre. Zeze clearly didn't care much for the erotic elements, instead he created this rather chaotic drama around a dysfunctional family. It's certainly a step up from your average pinku, on the other hand this would've been a lot better as a straightforward drama.

Mizuki can't have any children, so when she sees an opportunity she kidnaps a little boy left behind in a car. She names the boy Yoshiki and decides to raise him by herself. Plans change when she meets Tatsutoshi, and she falls in love with him. The three form a wayward family that live by their own rules.

These nihilistic Japanese dramas are always tons of fun, but the pinku elements do take away from the impact. Zeze doesn't take them too seriously, but they still get in the way and mess with the rhythm of the film. If you like an edgy drama there's still plenty of fun to be had with this one, but Zeze made better ones.