1998 / 109m - Japan
Crime, Sci-fi, Romance
Andromedia poster


February 04, 2008


Miike is no stranger to a bit of experimentation, and he certainly isn't scared to venture outside his comfort zone, but rarely did he try to do so much in the span of a single film. Andromedia is like watching several films rolled into one, which makes this a film for the more adventurous Miike fan.

When Mai dies in a traffic accident, her father figures out a way to download her conscience onto his computer, where she can live on until the end of times. An ill-meaning businessman finds out about this technology and wants to steal the software, but Mai is connected to the program and her father doesn't want to lose her a second time.

There's romance and coming of age drama, thriller and action elements, a thorough sci-fi ending. There's also Miike's trademark comedy and even a little music video intermezzo in the middle. It's certainly not Miike's most consistent film, he'd also improve on every element in his film in his later work, but it's such a wild ride that I'm pretty certain Miike fans will get a kick out of it.