France [1982] - 64m
Experimental, Fantasy
Directed by
Patrick Bokanowski
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September 28, 2021


Experimental cinema is a bit hit-and-miss for me, especially when the films are more conceptual and/or lack technical proficiency. L'Ange turned out to be a welcome exception. While I think Bokanowski could've done better with the soundtrack, the visuals are pretty mesmerizing and as an audiovisual experience, L'Ange delivers.

Though there might be a plot and underlying themes, it's not something that really transpired while watching. I'm sure repeat watches might help, then again it's not something I felt was missing. The common thread seem to be that most characters are stuck in some Sisyphus-like punishment or folly, other than that it's too abstract for me to care about.

Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of the soundtrack, it does combine well with the visuals. The cinematography is interesting, especially the editing of still images resulting in a semblance of motion is something that stood out. While certain parts are certainly better than others, it never got dull and the film does work up towards a pretty impressive finale. An interesting find for sure.