2021 / 139m - France
Annette poster


August 22, 2021


I'm not the biggest Leos Carax fan, but when I heard he was making a musical even I was intrigued. The result was pretty much what I expected it would be though. Quite a few interesting ideas, but rather poor execution and a failure to go that extra mile make this a rather uneventful, washed out musical.

Henry and Ann are two popular performers who fall in love. Their lives are lived by the media and their fans, but away from all the cameras they manage to get married and have a kid: Annette. When Henry's success starts to wane, their relationship is put under a lot of pressure, especially when the press gets wind of their troubles.

It's not very unusual for me to be left cold by the songs and music in a musical, the problem is that the sets, performances and cinematography simply weren't bold and strong enough to compensate. The rather bare-bones plot, the long runtime and Chucky-level animatronics didn't really help either. I just hope Carax got the musical bug out of his system now.