Anonimo Veneziano
1970 / 91m - Italy
Anonymous Venetian poster


August 11, 2021


Classic Italian drama. These films tend to be quite kitsch and unsubtle, Anonymous Venetian is no exception. With a gaudy soundtrack and ridiculous performances, it's hard to really care for the characters, whose romantic woes merely seem to exist to draw tears from sobby moms when they're in between soap operas.

Enrico hasn't been living with his wife for ages, but out of the blue he invites her to come visit him in Venice. Enrico is terminally ill, even so he decides not to break the news to his wife just yet. They spend a couple of days in Venice, rekindling the past and reliving their romance, but Enrico's days are numbered.

The overbearing soundtrack is a real nuisance, the plot is basic, and the characters aren't very likeable. I really didn't feel for them, which is tough for a romance. On the upside, it's nice to see them traversing Venice, a lovely setting for a film like this. Other than that, not a very successful film.