1990 / 93m - USA
Action, Comedy
Another 48 Hrs. poster


February 09, 2021


An apt title for a film that is really just more of the same. Ten years after the first film Walter Hill revisited his cop/con flick and redid it with a bit more action, slightly more seasoned actors and tighter pacing. Don't expect a world of difference, but I did find this sequel marginally more entertaining.

After some initial hoopla, Cates and Hammond team up again to finally catch The Iceman. Cates is on the brink of losing his badge, Hammond was just released out of jail but hasn't got his money back yet. Their unorthodox ways gets them very close, but somehow The Iceman is always one step ahead.

Another 48 Hrs is a decent buddy cop flick, nothing more, nothing less. The biggest difference is that the action scenes are a tad more impressive and that Murphy has come into his own, which is beneficial to the comedy. The rest is just simple and basic genre stuff, but it does a decent job passing the time.