2020 / 117m - Denmark
Another Round poster


December 14, 2022


A tepid Vinterberg. I'm not at all sure what was particularly comedic about this film, apart from its somewhat silly premise maybe. As someone who likes a drop of alcohol but has never been drunk, it was pretty difficult to relate to any of the characters, but I never felt the movie made a decent effort to explain their actions either. It all left me quite cold.

Four teachers come together once in a while to let off some steam. Their conversation shifts to the consumption of alcohol, and after a short brainstorm, they decide to conduct a small social experiment. They gradually begin to increase their alcohol consumption during the day to monitor the effects on their social behavior.

The performances are decent, but that's about all there is. Vinterberg's direction is a little bland, he has little interesting to say about the consumption of alcohol and the drama is pretty predictable (guess what, the experiment slowly runs out of hand). It's not a terrible film, just not in any way memorable or notable. Maybe I just dislike drunk people too much.