2023 / 124m - USA
Action, Adventure
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania poster


April 29, 2023


The third in the Ant-man film series. I'm certain that I've seen the others, but I don't remember anything concrete, apart from not really liking them. In line with other recent Marvel films, this one transports its main superhero to an alternate dimension, where he once again saves the day.

When an experiment goes wrong, Scott, Hope, and a handful of others are sucked into the Quantum Realm. While their main focus is on trying to find their way back home, it seems that Hope's mother has a history in the realm. And it's not the only familiar person they'll run into while being there.

The comedy is very unfunny, while the Quantum Realm looks incredibly cheap and gaudy (I don't understand why they spend so much money on the technical side but fail to invest in aesthetics and creativity). Ant-man is probably one of Marvel's least attractive franchises, and that's pretty damning. I can only hope this was the last one in the series.