2021 / 99m - USA
Antlers poster


December 17, 2021


A good horror film doesn't really need a big budget to shine, but sometimes it can be nice to see a creature flick where "less is more" isn't a disguised necessity. Antlers is a wendigo film that isn't afraid to showcase its monster (and its victims for that matter), and it's all the better for it.

Julia reunites with her brother Paul after being apart for almost 20 years. She takes up a job in the local school, and takes up an interest in Lucas, a young boy who looks like he has a lot going on at home. Julia, who is an abuse victim herself, recognizes the signs and wants to help the kid.

It's not that there's too much drama, but it does get heavy-handed really fast. Other than that, the creature effects are great, the actors do a solid job and the finale is spectacular. Antlers isn't the most original film, it's really just a simple creature horror, but the execution is on point and for once, the budget isn't lacking.