O Dragão da Maldade contra o Santo Guerreiro
1969 / 100m - Brazil
Western, Musical
Antonio das Mortes poster


September 07, 2023


A Brazilian western, more or less. Antonia das Mortes is a rather strange beast. The film is not unlike its Italian counterparts, but the pacing is a bit slower, the narrative less prominent and the music is extremely overpowering. The latter in particular got on my nerves, better bring some earplugs for this one.

The film is a sequel to Black God, White Devil, but the story is pretty stand-alone. Three decades after killing the last Cangaceiro, Antonio receives word that a new Cangaceiro has been sighted. He happily takes on the job to get rid of them, but his latest adversary is nothing like his previous enemies.

The cinematography is a bit crude and the performances aren't great, but it's the grating, loud, and ever-present music that was just unbearable. And it goes on for the entire film. Now, I'm all for a demanding soundtrack, but I just couldn't stand the folk music. Other than that, it was kinda interesting to see a Brazilian take on the western genre, but I didn't care for it before, still don't care for it now.