1998 / 83m - USA
Adventure, Comedy - Animation
Antz poster


June 02, 2020


If you've ever wanted to watch an animated Woody Allen film, this is probably as close as you'll get. It's a weird thing to say about a CG animation from Dreamworks, but apparently such is the effect of casting Allen as the lead voice actor. He can weigh on a film using just his voice, aptly illustrated by the opening monologue.

When he's not onscreen though, the film quickly devolves into a more typical US CG animation. Rudimentary characters, poor comedy and an adventure that feels lifeless and predictable. It's an awkward back and forth between two very different types of comedy that doesn't quite work, but at least makes Antz a bit more interesting compared to most of its peers.

There are also some elements that you wouldn't quite expect, like the rather gruesome battle scene and one of the secondary characters dying. This is hardly earth-shattering cinema, but US animation tends to be so docile and clean that it does feel somewhat refreshing. The film itself is not a big success, but at least there were some interesting bits to chew on.