Also known as
Wszystko Moze Sie Przytrafic
Poland [1995] - 39m
Directed by
Marcel Lozinski
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September 10, 2020


A documentary with a very simple concept. Take a 6-year-old boy, send him to the park and have him talk to some elderly people sitting on benches. Document these conversations from a distance, so they don't lose any of their charm and that's that. I can't say it sounded terribly appealing.

These conversations are supposed to highlight the difference between youthful inquisitiveness and seasoned experience, but too many of them ended up being quite empty and meandering. Not sure if that's due to the material they shot or because Lozinski wanted to keep it light, but it doesn't make for riveting cinema.

Lozinski mostly shoots from concealed places, making this a pretty static affair. Luckily the soundtrack (consisting of ambient park noises) creates a soothing atmosphere and some conversations turned out to be quite amusing, but in the end I wasn't that impressed by the result. A bit too light on content.