Gui Zhen
2013 / 91m - Hong Kong
Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi
The Apostles poster


June 06, 2023


A Western-style horror seen through an Asian lens. You don't find those too often. While Hollywood has been eager enough to remake the more lauded Asian horror films, Asia has been mostly doing its own thing. The Apostles is a pretty fun diversion, but it's a little messy and unfocused. A cocktail of familiar elements that lacks cohesion.

A writer fears her husband might be cheating on her. One night she gets a phone call to tell her he died in a plane crash. His cell phone is found in the bag of another woman, who also died in the crash. She launches an investigation to find out what her spouse hid from her. It's a journey that takes her to a remote, mysterious hotel.

Weird hillbillies, a mindfuck plot with more twists than a person has fingers, underground conspiracies, and more. It all flashes by and the separate parts hardly connect, but the film is still pretty moody and the execution is solid, apart from some shoddy CG. The Apostles isn't the most accomplished film, but it's still a lot of fun and certainly doesn't deserve the critical trashing it received.