2011 / 84m - Japan
Action, Sci-fi - Animation
Appleseed XIII: Ouranos poster


October 04, 2021


Slightly better than the first part, though that's probably because Ouranos serves the conclusion to the Appleseed XIII story arc. There's no more need for a lengthy setup or mid-film filler, instead Ouranos offers a more straightforward path to the finale. And it does a pretty job too, considering the limitations and hurdles that come with it being a compilation film.

Poseidon, the pro-human terrorist organization, is still trying to get into the way of Olympus' plans. This time around, they're trying to stop the launch of a space craft. 10 individuals have been chosen to lead the mission, one by one they're being picked off. Deunan and Briareos are put on the case to keep the remaining ones alive.

The animation is still a little iffy, but since the second part is a bit more action-packed it is not that noticeable. The conclusion was pretty tense, the plot slightly better than the first film and the mix between action and politics/mythology/drama up to Appleseed standards. Certainly the weakest of all the Appleseed films, but Ouranos is a welcome step up from Tartaros.