2016 / 80m - France
Sci-fi, Sport
Ares poster


August 25, 2020


A simple but fun sci-fi flick that borrows quite heavily from Alita (and more classic sci-fi, like 1984), though with a seriously reduced scope in order to keep its budget in check. That means that the overt sci-fi elements are kept to a minimum (which is a minor disappointment), on the other hand the film looks more grounded than many of its peers (in the same budget category).

We're looking at a future where corporations have pretty much taken over the world and people have been given more control over their own bodies. While that doesn't sound too bad, it basically means that many are selling their own flesh for human testing purposes. A beat down cage fighter suddenly finds himself in the middle of a fight between activists and the corporations and holds the key to start a revolution.

The cinematography is nice, sadly Benes' vision of the future is a bit derivative. Performances are decent, the plot is entertaining enough and with only 80 minutes on the clock the runtime and pacing are perfect. It's not a very remarkable film, but sci-fi fans will find plenty here to enjoy here.