2021 / 148m - USA
Action, Horror
Army of the Dead poster


July 17, 2021


Somebody needs to sit Snyder down and tell him he isn't a great filmmaker. He should be fully capable to make an entertaining, 90-minute zombie flick, but Army of the Dead turned out to be a sluggish, 150-minute bore fest that drowns in cheese, horrible dialogues and lame kills.

A Japanese businessman hires Scott Ward to retrieve the money underneath his casino from Las Vegas, a city taken over by violent, intelligent zombies. Ward assembles a crew and enters the city, but the situation is a lot trickier than foreseen, and it doesn't take long before people start dying.

Bautista is a solid cast, the rest of the actors are a lot flakier. Especially since there's quite a bit of drama to plow through, which none of them are equipped to do. There isn't enough zombie action, the kills feel rushed, the lore is a cheesy take on other post-apocalyptic films. And then there's that insane runtime. Snyder really needs to go back to his roots.