2007 / 123m - UK
Drama, Romance
Atonement poster


October 01, 2021


Smart. Costumes dramas tend to be targeted at women, so why not throw in some war elements to keep it more balanced. Not that it helped me much, I'm not a big fan of war cinema either. Still, Atonement wasn't all that bad, mostly thanks to the elevated styling and the lavish budget.

Briony is a young girl living in a big estate. She has a crush on the caretaker's son Robbie, but he is more interested in Briony's sister, Cecilia. Things take a turn for the worse when Briony misinterprets a fight between Cecilia and Robbie, a fluke that sets off a series of events that will change the lives of everyone involved.

The performances are decent, the sets are grand, the cinematography is neat, and the soundtrack is proper. I admit, it's borderline kitsch, but Wright gets away with it. The plot's a bit too sentimental though and the film is quite long, it's also not a very memorable film, but that's probably just because it's really not my type of film.