El Aura
2005 / 134m - Argentina
Crime, Thriller
The Aura poster


October 26, 2023


A somewhat dry and cold rendition of a crime planned by a complete amateur. The story isn't all that interesting and doesn't really go anywhere original, but the stylistic choices do help to set this film apart from similar films. It doesn't make the film more accessible, but seasoned film fans won't have too much of a problem with it.

Espinosa is a lonely taxidermist. He has only one good friend, who takes him hunting one day. Things go south when they accidentally kill a man during their little adventure. For Espinosa, this is a sign to tell his friend that he came up with the perfect crime, and this seems the perfect timing to execute it.

The cinematography is pretty barren, with lots of dark and muted colors, and a camera that sticks closely to its characters. The soundtrack is strong and moody, but the plot and characters are a little simplistic, and the runtime is a tad too long. Not a bad film, but stylistically not quite strong enough considering its reliance on atmosphere.