2022 / 93m - USA
Thriller, Horror
Baby Ruby poster


February 07, 2023


Babies are hell. Baby Ruby isn't the first film to turn post-childbirth into horror, but it's certainly one of the more visceral examples in its niche. It's a shame Wohl can't quite keep the tension going, because the first half is quite the experience. It starts to linger after that and the conclusion is a bit of a downer, but it's still worth a watch (unless you're pregnant and riddled with doubt).

Jo and Spencer are happily married and expecting a baby. Jo's a successful businesswoman, Spencer an artisanal butcher. When the baby finally arrives, their lives are turned upside down. The constant crying, the lack of sleep, and the inability to get work done destabilizes Jo. Things get worse when she suspects her baby might hate her.

The build-up is solid, the arrival of the baby is nerve-racking and the constant crying really gets to you, which makes it easy to sympathize with Jo. But then the film seemingly starts to sway, unsure of where to go next. What remains is a fun and tense little horror film, with the unfulfilled potential to be more than that.