2022 / 188m - USA
Comedy, Drama
Babylon poster


January 14, 2023


Another Hollywood film glorifying Hollywood. Not my favorite topic, but it has to be said that Chazelle brings it with an excess of flair. The first hour in particular is a real hoot, paying proper homage to the roaring 20s. Once the film starts adding drama and puts a stronger focus on its characters, the quality goes downhill.

Manny is a low-ranking assistant, and Nellie a fresh arrival in LA. They meet at a fancy party and immediately there's a strong connection. They both want to make it big in the movie industry, and fate is smiling at them. They'll soon learn that the movie industry isn't quite as glamorous as it appears.

The film is quite over-the-top and Chazelle's direction is pretty flashy. Don't expect a truthful rendition of the 20s or old Hollywood, but that's hardly a critique. Three hours was too long though, certainly with the final hour digging more into the plot and characters, which weren't that interesting in the first place. Still, it was a lot better than expected.