1977 / 60m - Australia
Backroads poster


December 08, 2020


Phillip Noyce's first feature film. I'm not a big Noyce fan and this film certainly isn't going to change my mind. It's a very raw, crude and unpolished flick that probably does a good job capturing a specific place, time and scene, but Noyce never managed to get me interested in his characters and their ramblings.

Gary is a nobody who just wanders about. One day he runs into Jack, a minor criminal who steals a car in order to travels the back roads of Australia. Gary joins him, on the way several other hitchhikers join them on their journey. And so we're watching a road trip that doesn't lead anywhere interesting.

Performances are poor, the dialogues are trivial and the characters are invariable irritating. I don't think Noyce cared much about the cinematography and the soundtrack is a serious drag. People with a love for the 70s might find something interesting here, I was glad the film was just an hour long.