2020 / 124m - USA
Action, Comedy
Bad Boys for Life poster


August 01, 2020


El Arbi and Fallah made it big. The gap between directing local crime films and a big Hollywood action blockbuster is considerable, but they handled themselves remarkably well. While not as extravagant or lively as Bay's second film, Bad Boys for Life is a decent continuation of an entertaining franchise.

What's lacking is a personal signature, but I guess that's not too surprising considering this is their first big budget feature. This felt like a pretty basic action/comedy, with some expensive chase sequences, a little playful banter between the leads and a flashy set piece where the finale takes place. Without anything to really call their own though, it's hard not to compare this to Bay's superior second film.

Smith and Lawrence are solid, though they're basically just revisiting their earlier performances (with some ages jokes thrown in for good measure). The cinematography is decent, the soundtrack fitting and the action sequences adequate, but apart from the finale there isn't really a scene that is going to stick. A decent and entertaining sequel, but nothing more.