2016 / 100m - USA
Bad Moms poster


September 12, 2020


This could've been light, simple fun, sadly it's way too uptight for its own good. The film just tumbles from one annoying cliché into the next. From the frantically overworked moms to the brattish and crude women, from the controlling soccer moms to the flawed but perfect mothers. I liked none of the characters and none of their evolutions.

It's a shame, as the tone of the film is quite alright. It's pretty breezy, the pacing is solid and the film doesn't dwell too long on pretty much anything, especially not during the first half. In the second half it becomes more serious and dramatic, with some utterly cheesy and regrettable moments that completely ruin the vibe.

Performances are decent and the main trio is actually quite fun, regardless of their characters behaving like assholes. The soundtrack is pretty bad though and there are quite a few jokes that don't land, but overall everything was there to make this a decent comedy. Everything except the balls to cut out the drama and fully commit to the comedy.