1987 / 91m - New Zealand
Comedy, Horror
Bad Taste poster


January 17, 2004


April 06, 2022


Peter Jackson's first film has undoubtedly aged a lot, but the sheer joy and energy keeps it from slipping completely. There's a lot to love here and gore fans will have a field day with Bad Taste, it's just a bit tougher to love when you can grab Braindead and have everything this film has to offer, times two.

Aliens have finally come to Earth. They've grown a taste for human meat, and they're setting up a little manufacturing plant before they get on with conquering our planet. A bunch of ragtag alien hunters are onto them and drive to Kaihoro, the village where the creatures are holed up.

The gore is insane, the performances are fun, the comedy hits the mark and the pacing is perfect. It's been ages since I last watched Bad Taste, but a lot of it was still fresh. Still, the execution is really bare-bones and even though Jackson's talent overcomes some budgetary limitations, it's just not quite a personal favorite anymore. Great fun though.