Hôtai Kurabu
2007 / 118m - Japan
The Bandage Club poster


July 21, 2023


A fine drama by Tsutsumi. I was a bit surprised I hadn't seen The Bandage Club before, it's definitely the type of film I would've picked up if I'd had the chance when I was finding my path in Japanese cinema. Still, it's nice that there are still some of these films left to discover. I guess bad distribution has some benefits after all.

Wara is going through a hard time. When she's up on the roof of a hospital, another kid stops her from harming herself. He ties a bandage around the fence where Wara stood, a symbol that moves her. She decides to form the Bandage Club and reaches out to other youngsters who are also struggling.

The performances are good, the film is subtle, and the drama isn't too overbearing, even though it handles some tougher topics. The film is still one of many though and doesn't do quite enough to stand out from the crowd, but if you're looking for a hidden gem, chances are slim you've already seen this one. A fine discovery.