Baô Raihôsha
1989 / 50m - Japan
Action, Horror - Animation
Baoh the Visitor poster


March 31, 2022


A pretty typical mix of action and horror. It was a successful combination for 80s anime, and a lot of cheap cruft was made to meet demand back then, but once in a while you discover a little gem. Not that Baoh is anything too out of the ordinary, but the detailed art style and solid animation quality do give it an edge over many similar films.

The Doress group collects humans with special abilities, hoping to weaponize them and sell them for loads of cash. They've captured Sumire and Ikurou, the latter is a particularly dangerous specimen as he houses a unique parasitic worm that grants him special powers. They manage to escape and seek out the Doress group to make them pay.

The art style is decidedly 80s, but the level of detail is well above par. The film gets quite horrific at times, but the action dominates. The plot and characters are pretty basic, 45 minutes also is a short time to do much in that regard, but ultimately that's not why I seek out films like this. Lots of fun, a nice recommend for people who love themselves some gory animated action.